Sunday, February 27, 2005

What do you find physically attractive?

What do you find physically attractive?
I find that I most commonly notice men that have dark hair, tanned skin, and wear clothes that fit OR have exceptional personalities. I'm not really searching for a "look" but a "total package." I do notice looks, but I am mature enough and realistic enough to know that looks do not make the person someone whose company I will desire. I find that personality is a very big part of how I perceive a person to look. I like good grooming, neat looking, and prepared -- not the "just fell out of bed and picked up whatever clothing was lying on the floor" look. Once I know a person, it's hard for me to look at their physical appearance objectively because their beauty (or lack thereof) has blurred with their personality. I am attracted to a man who acts like a man -- not a bully, not a sissy, but the combination of strength and tenderness that proves he's mature, in control of his emotions, and able to love and/or be loved without threatening his masculinity.


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